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Door Hangers help you maximize your marketing impact efficiently. They are at the pinnacle of effectiveness in this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies.


With a variety of card stocks, you can be sure you won't lose your place with these excellent bookmarks.

Despite what techies may think, people still love reading paperback and hardcover books. If you need proof, just walk into any book store or library or library, and you will find plenty of people looking for or enjoying a paperback or hardcover book.

Everyone still need a way to keep track of how far they have read in a book.

Although it's by no means new or cutting-edge, a bookmark is still the most effective way to accomplish this taks. When someone is reading a book, they are going to see their bookmark on a regular basis. Each time they open and close their book, they will see the bookmark that they are using. This regular exposure makes a bookmark a valuable marketing opportunity

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